Decreased the overall spend and timeline to hire new employees.


Walmart is the largest retailer and private employer in the world, and a leader in corporate philanthropy and employment opportunity. As a company that is committed to investing in its team-members, Walmart struggled to locate the right applicants to meet their distribution center needs. This challenge was compounded by increased ecommerce demand, and regional concentration of competitor fulfillment centers, resulting in a need for high applicant reply from geographical areas with limited supply.


We began by evaluating their existing approach, identified the ideal applicant profile and formulated a two-step recruiting strategy that focused on filtering applicant demographics through rooftop mapping software. This approach enabled us to target those applicants most likely to fill open positions in a long-term capacity.

Our solution increased the applicant pipeline for Walmart by appealing to eligible applicants using incentivized marketing. All communications used a benefit centered approach, including localized messaging highlighting open positions and event details, combined with Walmart branded creative, and corporate approved content.


What did a two-step geocentric applicant-oriented approach do for the overall success of Walmart's hiring campaign?

  • Decreased the total time investment and overall spend by distribution center human resources managers to appeal to applicants most likely to respond. This also significantly reduced the time to find and hire new employees.
  • By implementing a benefits-oriented approach to all communications Walmart Distribution Centers differentiated themselves as a more desirable employer compared to similar companies in the same region.