Reduced spend on mail marketing by 50%, while boosting response rates.
37% Lift in dealer service department activity.


Stellantis is a leading global mobility player with an automotive history of more than a century. Offering a full spectrum of choice from, luxury, premium and mainstream passenger vehicles, pickups, and SUVs, as well as dedicated parts and service brands. With Mopar service departments located across the United States, Stellantis needed a way to execute marketing campaigns that utilized their brand and leveraged the local dealers customer contacts to increase customer in-store traffic and customer loyalty.


We began by evaluating both corporate and dealer service center marketing initiatives and resources, then formulated a national Through Channel Marketing Solution.

This approach took the guess work out of successful marketing and allowed the parts and service department managers to leverage buyer history and behavior data to deploy campaigns quickly. In addition, our approach helped franchise dealers to execute brand compliant, coop-able marketing communications with personalized incentive-based offers to drive traffic to their service departments.

Our custom web-based application provides local dealerships, regional business center, and corporate users with campaign performance metrics and custom data reporting to generate unique insights that assist in strategic planning for future marketing initiatives.

Through integrated access from the corporate intranet, parts and service managers can confidently move through the marketing process and drive traffic to their service bays to meet their revenue goals.


What did an integrated national Through Channel Marketing Solution do for the overall success of Stellantis's Mopar service departments?

  • Reduced the total spend on mail marketing by 50%, while boosting response rates through our proprietary technology.
  • By implementing brand compliant, personalized incentive-based marketing communications, parts and service centers we were able to increase activity by 37%.