Zero HIPAA violations in our 12+ years of handling PHI.
High volume, strict deadlines, short turn times without a single late job.

National Health Insurance Company


A national health insurance provider with millions of managed care members was struggling to find a solution for their member communications. Their challenge was that these communications included Personal Health Information (PHI), which needed to reach members within strict deadlines required by the states contracting the service.

There were a variety of direct mail packages, in multiple languages, required to support members. Their previous vendors had all failed to perform at a level that met their deadlines without HIPAA violations which put their contracts at risk.


Our rigorous, process-oriented approach allows us to deliver every job on-time. Included in this process is our quality control system, which yielded zero HIPAA violations in 12 years.

The diversity of our production capabilities allows us to execute a variety of communications for our client which include:

  • Benefit Catalogs
  • Certificates of Coverage
  • Explanation of Benefits
  • Member ID Cards
  • Patient Handbooks
  • Personal Wellness Assessments
  • Preventative Care Materials
  • Provider Directories

The services we perform included variable data programming, print and mail fulfillment. Our solutions utilize the latest technology and propriety processes to ensure Personal Health Information (PHI) is kept safe and provide detailed verification of records delivered to the post office.


How did our performance and approach improve the results? Zero HIPAA violations in over 12 years of servicing clients with PHI data, which eliminates the risk of of fines and business loss for our clients.