50% reduction of the time to acquire a new hire.
90% candidate response to local hiring events.


Sonoco is a global packaging solutions leader committed to developing products that improved the lives of others, including their team members. Like many companies, Sonoco struggled to find the right candidates to meet their manufacturing needs. This challenge was compounded because they had multiple plant locations throughout the United States.


We began by analyzing their current approach, developed a profile of their ideal candidate and built a map of the needs based on each location. With a specific candidate profile to target, we were able to determine criteria of the candidates most likely to respond. This approach also enabled us to target more skilled and certified positions for specific trades.

Our solution increased the number of candidates in the pipeline and provided a strategic and sustainable way for Sonoco to connect with suitable job candidates using personalized direct mail marketing. The profiles we developed leveraged unique demographic data attributes to dramatically increase the response rates to their hiring events.

All communications used incentivized messaging and Sonoco branded creative, all corporate approved content that were customized based on location and event details.


What did a targeted and candidate profile-oriented approach do for the overall success of Sonoco's hiring campaigns?

  • Reduced by 50% the 29.5-day average of acquiring a new qualified employee.
  • By matching position requirements with qualified work-ready candidates, we increased return-on-investment with a 90% candidate response to local hiring events when a direct mailer was received.
  • We decreased the total time investment and spend by individual plant human resources team-members needed for successful candidate acquisition.